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From Surrey — 05/28/2010

Working here has been okay. I'm a cashier and it's just been too long. All of the Head Cashiers are so nice and helpful, but the Front End Supervisor is such a little dipsh**. I go to school as well, and my work schedule is based on my school schedule. Dipsh** always tries and makes me change my schedule to better suit her needs (not the stores). When I told her I can't, she threatened to fire me, even though I got my schedule approved by the ASM before submitting it into the schedule maker. Dipsh** can go to He** and I HATE working there because it's such a pain in the arse. And they always call you in on your day off because they never hire enough cashiers. It's always so busy there too that customers end up coming up to the cashiers for help, but we're not allowed to leave our tills (because of the money and so people can't leave with unpaid merchandise) and then the customers and the supervisors always seem to get mad because we couldn't help them. WE CAN'T LEAVE OUR TILLS!!!! If I could quit, I would do it in a heartbeat, but I can't until I find another job (which I am doing) because then I wouldn't be able to pay for my school and car expenses. Oh, and starting pay is $10.00 (at least where I live), and you're supposed to get a raise after 3 months, but I never got mine and was told that it would be coming after I've worked there for 1 year!!!
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