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From Sunrise, FL. — 04/12/2010

I work for store 6329...Sawgrass. I have worked for many different jobs at many different proffessions. The economy sucks, everywhere. Home Depot continues to give raises, bonuses, and the only company I know of that continues to develop and promote employees with good work ethics. Wherever company you goto, you will find challenges and goals to meet and exceed. Our store has found a new found confidence with our management team. Yes Weston is the store to be at the moment but why can't we all look as good? Ruben's a pretty boy from the expo side but if thats what they be it. All these people whining about 6341.... get a life. If you are not sattisfied with your life.... change it! We forget sometimes.... we get paid by the your best while you're on the clock, and then go home..... why bitch about it? you're getting paid. I have personally worked for John and Mike and know for a fact that they are some of the most fair and level headed people i have met, let alone worked for...everybody on this website who is bitching about 6341 is kind of a bunch of whiney bitches, why don't you man up or quit...... I guess all I have to say is Home Depot is great, I bleed orange, try and find another company who takes care of you the way Home Depot does. Good luck.
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