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From South Florida — 03/31/2010

HD is a great company, doing great things for many people. Unfortunately, like all companies, there are good and bad parts of the company. The good out weigh the bad by far with HD. Those who wish to come on here and slander others are childish and apparently have little respect for themselves or the company for which they work. If you don't like the store or company you work for, then leave. The same door you walk out, there are hundreds of others waiting to be employed. Those of you downing others are crying out about the bad things the company has to offer or what you deal with daily but you are only adding heat to the fire by degrading a company on a public website for others to see. Rather then belittling those around you, focus on yourself and try to better each opportunity that comes your way.
HD is a very good company to work for. It offers so many employee recognition programs that other companies have never even heard of. I take personal offense hearing the negative remarks being made on this forum. Again, two things - If you don't like it, leave and Instead of focusing on the negatives, aim for the positive!
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