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From Weston — 03/27/2010

You all need to stop complaining and take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror. It is a job where you are expected to work hard and not slack off. It is not a social gathering but a place for you to earn a paycheck. If you hate it so much, leave and let someone who will appreciate having a job take your spot. You people are nothing but a bunch of cry babies that complain like little kids when you dont get things your way. Grow Up.... You talk about managers not having people skills but what are all of you doing on here by slamming their names and criticisizing them. You call that people skills? For real people, if you dont like it then get out, see if it is any better somewhere else. I know plenty of people in this store who should have been fired but have been given several opportunities. Maybe the managers should just fire and not give opportunities.
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