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From Hampton, VA — 01/14/2010

Personally...I very much enjoyed my time with the Company. Worked there for 5 yrs after leaving the military. Had very little problems with manager interference. Spent a few months P/T in plumbing and then was moved to Millwork..and w/in 2 weeks everyone that was in the dept quit over some stupid dispute about who should be the new here I was..a 4 month employee and the only one in the dept. They provided support and people were cross clocked who had Millwork experience. I started at pay about double minimum wage and averaged $1 a year raises while I was there. Interviewed for DH 1 time...mostly because I was asked by coworkers...but I really didn't want to go that way.

Disagreed with any "mandatory" meetings...unless they scheduled the time...not just "cut your hours to make it". Never went to a non-mandatory. Disagreed with DHs being told "you will participate in this community project"..unpaid. Also disagreed with people being told "you will work overnites for a week to get ready for inventory". Maybe it was just me..but when I said..."No..I was hired for sales...not to count 2X4s"....I never had a problem.

I think maturity and performance are key in any job...and esp in specialty departments at HD. All the people that have posted the bitch and cry info probably aren't either of those.

Granted...all this was 2001-2006...but my local store in another state seems to operate the same way...I see the same faces as I did when I first moved here. I think it has probably improved since the Nardelli days.
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