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From central california — 01/01/2010

Retail has gotten tougher over the last 25 years. In comparison to many of the big box retailers out there, Home Depot is definitely above the rest in many categories. Matching 401K, sick/personal days, employee stock purchase plan, full-time hours are still considered 40 while some retailers are cutting down to 30 or 32, success sharing(bonus for hourly employees) is still offered, benefits offered to part-time employees, and with most retailers try taking vacation or extra days off during the Christmas holidays, but with Home Depot, this is the slow time so taking time off during this time of the year is almost encouraged.
Get a clue people, the biggest controllable expense that a retailer has is salary. So if things are slow, as the home improvement industry the last 2 years, hours get cut. One of the problems with Home Depot, like any retailer with over 100 employees, isn't always the company, but the people working there. They call it work for a reason. Don't stand around talking to other employees, this isn't a social club, get out there and make a difference. Home Depot is not a career for most people , it's a stepping stone or a stop to somewhere else. Make the most of it everyday! The day goes so much faster if you stay busy. Treat the customer how you would like to be treated if you were a shopper here or in another retail store.
And now about management, their job is to manage people, the associates run the store. If employees are passionate about what they do, then management is only their to help guide them or rope them in. The management gets paid to be there longer hours and have keys to the store. There will be favoritism, there will be employees who get away with everything, there will be promotions to people who do nothing and know even less.
People who hate their job should find another one. Life's to short to hate going to work every day. I love going to work at The Home Depot every day , do I love everything about my job, of course not, but its not the job, maybe its an assistant, or a customer, or other employees, but its never the job.
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