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From Texas — 11/07/2009

Retail is retail. Having worked a couple different retail companies, this is one of the better of the bunch.

The housr are long. And the management can be a little crazy. You must be aware of the continual threat of a surprise walk from someone and that if the DM gets a hit it is going to happen will demand that the entire managment staff and department managers come ion in two hours and woerk on the store until the walks have passed or until no one shows up. Most often it is the latter. You work for three days round the clock only to have no one show up. It is career limiting to not come in and work these hours on command.

Spring is the crazy season in this business. It is the equivalent of Christmas in regular retail. The pay and benefits are above average in the retai lindustry, the reall thing that makes this a good or bad place to work is the store manager and the diatrict manager you work for.
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