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From Los Angelos — 05/31/2009

First and foremost... I have worked both part-time and full time for Home Depot for the past 7+ years and I have great feelings towards the company and sour ones. The pay can be good. If you prove yourself you can certainly be on the "higher end of raises".... depending what the money pool is form year to year. Respect... I ahve now worked in 2 different Home Depot's. Respect from Managers, co-workers and such i think depends on WHO you're working for. I've seen both and the people who don't give a care about you as an employee are mostly not great people overall in life anyway anf think their "upper management job" at HD is the greatest. Benefits... Full time... not bad.... Part time, was better year ago but they still offer PT benefits right now and keep in mind that ALOT of places do not. Job security: Simple: prove yourself, show up, do your job and you most likely won't have anything to worry about. Work Life balance: i guess depends on your life. If you're making outrageous requests then what do you expect? Career potential: if WANT to become a depatrtment supervisor or ASM or even a Store manager than speak up... if not then you may just be passing by with a Home Depot position to kill time and get a paycheck which is fine. If you want to grow, you can. Co-worker competance... no one is perfect and there are lemons in ever bunch and great knowledgeable people as well. Work environment: YOU WORK IN A WAREHOUSE..... you don't have to wear heels or 3 piece suits but you might get a little dirty and have to deal with a customer or two.... it's retail, enough said.
NOW.... as a 7+ year employee imagine becing told they cannot "transfer you" from another store because "they" took too long to get you back into the system so they must hire you at a rate of pay LOWER than what you first started at because of a "technicality"?. Pretty ridiculous. Home Depot is supposed to take care of their associates but in this case.... they've failed. All I can say is... well HD.... you'e paying me an insulting rate after i made a pretty good rate and... you get what you pay for = )
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