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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth3
Work Environment5

From lorain,ohio — 12/17/2008

if give home depot the highest review because i read all these negative comments and these comments are by people that have never worked in retail. Home depot has moved me up in 3 years to Assistant Store Manager and i make good money for what i do. Thier Benefits are Average, the pay is good is your hungry i make more right now then my best friend does as an engineer he make 48k a year. You can move up really fast if your a hard worker and are good with the customers. Ive worked for carter lumber and lowes both were higher stress with sales and both had worse structure carter had no technology and once you got to be store manager you were on the chopping block and lowes was commission based all they talk about was sales everyday and you never heard they say customer service, they get rid of people way faster and its hard to move up in the company. My bother works for walmart and they are just as bad they pay decent but he works 65 hours a week and the only way he can become an asm is by moving all over he cant stay put. Also job security with home depot is unmatched by anyone else they have 2200 stores so you know they arnt going out of business any time soon and they are so scared of being sued for unlawful termination they have all these proformance improvement plans you really have to do nothing and not show up alot to get fired unless you do something unsafe. So as a whole home depot moves people up fast, pays good, i only work average of 45-50 hours a week so work/life balance is good. People that give them negative comments for changing the way we do things so we can make sure customer get taken care of and shelves are stocked are stupid. When i started with them i would see associate literally walk away from customer rather then asking if they can help them, we had to do something. I would say if you can handle retail a enviroment where you stand all day, stock, and deal with all different sorts of morons home depot is a good choice for retail.
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