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From Glendale, AZ — 01/18/2007

I escaped cashiering and I am now a computer room/bookeeping associate. I have worked at this store for 3 years. My store is an older one so almost everything is old and usually break-down at some point. I'm expected to just knew how to fix them's all learn as you go. I'm amazed as to how much of the programs are still DOS based. I love the people I work with but I am constantly being given new chores. I don't see them as pointless just tedious. And it builds up when you have to work a shift on your own. Being a part-time associate, I haven't had trouble fitting work around my school schedule. And since I was hired before March 06, I can still apply for tuition assistance. Paying for health/dental insurance really eats into my paycheck. Urgent Care isn't covered even with the most expensive plan. I am 23 and in good health so that's the only time I will probably need insurance! It's not a bad company and some ways a very good company. I just missed out on the years when it was great. Perhaps things will get better now that Bob left and we have a new CEO but I don't I want to wait to find out.
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