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From Gilbert, AZ — 10/16/2009

Like the previous commenter, you don't get paid enough to be a cashier. I was always on refunds because I was one of the faster cashiers. The downside is that the refund counter had to refund previous customers AND check out regulars at about the same time. Refunds were a pain because you had to have a CSM approve of the transaction. I constantly ran out of workspace room and wrapping huge glass decor items or ornaments was a pain and time consuming. Worse off is that lines during the weekends are HORRIBLE. People will stand and complain how long they've been standing when they know your working your butt off. Also the customers don't realize your entering everything by hand---mistakes happen and it takes longer to find the price on the item. The only real positive thing I can about the company is that it helped me learn how to use a cash register since it was my real 'first' job. Also some of the employees really were like part of my family---I felt close to some of them and bonded real well. Overall, I'd say keep looking.
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