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From Missouri — 04/19/2009

Pay was MUCH better than the average retail chain (and I know because I've worked A LOT of retail, including Michael's Arts and Crafts) and a few days ago it was announced that all full time employees are going to be bumped up to $10 an hour (instead of starting at $8).

Everyone in the store is very respectful to everyone else, including the manager and co-manager. The only person anyone ever seems to have problems with is the DM, but the few times I've met him he's always been pleasant to me.

I don't take advantage of the benefits, but I've heard from others that they're good for retail.

Work/Life Balance is alright. I usually can get any day off that I request, but I don't request a lot of days off, only when I really need them.

I really wouldn't say there is a lot of potential growth. If you start somewhere that seems to be where you stay.

Location was good, then I moved and now it's bad. But that's my fault.

My co-workers are very competent people. The store manager had to sift through a lot of people to make up the crew we have now, and everyone is very happy with everyone else. I know it sounds too good to be true, but there really aren't any problems.

Work environment is also very good. On random days and holidays our manager brings in lunch for everyone, which can be a nice surprise. This isn't a job you can slack off at, but if you work hard and work when you are scheduled then you will have job security. I'm sure there are other stores out there that aren't as nice, but I really have no complaints. It's a job, it's not supposed to be all roses. Sometimes you have to put up with a little corporate BS, but I just roll my eyes and do it. It's usually a stupid idea, and they change it back within a month, and yeah, it's annoying, but that's just part of a job sometimes.

Other people have commented here that management/corporate/the business as a whole is overly-religious. I simply haven't seen that. Half the managers are, half of them aren't. Not being religious hasn't hindered anyone, not that I've seen anyway. Nor has religion given anyone else a leg up. The only religion that I see at a corporate level is the Christmas/Easter ad that the company puts out.
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