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From Bethesda, MD — 03/03/2009

Great coworkers
Great hiring manager
Love the commute
Hate the pay cuts
Customer we support is disorganized, at best

Main reason why I remain with HP is my coworkers and my immediate management team. I work with a bunch of folks who were with Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), and they somehow managed to keep the old DEC mentality with them through the years. That means they really do look out for one another, and I can personally testify to that. Beyond my immediate team & mgmt though, the corporate side has been consistently stingy through good years and bad. Pay raises are difficult. We just took a pay cut, and understand it to a point (in order to minimize layoffs), but one of our managers was bemoaning our group "only achieved 89% of it's profit numbers". In this economy, the fact we are making a profit at all is reason enough to dance in the streets. 20% pay cut for Mark Hurd is simply window dressing, and smacks of "Dilbert". Will not elaborate, but the customer we support is absolutely horrible.

I really loved that other post that stated his "Give a $h!T level is fading fast. It is for me and my coworkers as well.
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