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From Massachusetts — 02/18/2009

So I've been a year-round intern for HP for about a year and a half now. My experiences at HP so far have generally been really great. I came on during my senior year of college and finished my last trimester with HP and earned school credit. Since then, I've stayed on as an intern and for the past few months have been been pursuing college hire positions.

Just recently, I secured a college hire position in Houston, TX which starts in a few weeks (which seems to be where the majority of the hiring is taking place, I hear its cheaper to hire there). I work with great, knowledgeable people. It's pretty clear however, that upon launch of our current project, my current group will be disbanded. This is causing some low morale amongst my co-workers, as it should.

While certain locations may be laying off more than others, I find it to be pretty common that most employees are pretty stubborn when it comes to moving and pursuing other opportunities elsewhere. Sorry people, but you've got to go where the jobs are. Relocating is tough, but unemployment is worse.

While I don't agree with Mark Hurd's total take-home amount of $48m, he's done some great things for the company overall, but he certainly needs to put more funding into R&D. Please stop crying about losing flavored teas and salary freezes people. Tough times call for drastic action, if you're one of the lucky who haven't been laid off, be thankful you have a job.

Any hiring that is going on right now is mostly for recent college grads. HP is seriously pushing this Graduate Investment Program..and while it needs a lot of work, my experience has been good so far. If you're looking for a specialist position, good luck, competition is rough. How I got chosen out of 200 candidates for this recent college hire job..I'll never know, but I'm excited.

Overall, great place to work. My pay as an intern has been GREAT. Benefits are great, most everything is covered dental wise. Morale could be better, but what employees in any company are truly feeling safe in this economy? Take one day at a time.
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