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From Houston, TX — 07/17/2008

Read a lot of disgruntled's understandable, the company has changed in the last several years and some folks can't adapt. But as a Company goes, it is still a pretty great place to work for. You are in a dynamic, exciting industry. Pay is usually much superior to other employer's in the area, and most people could not go to another company and make as much as they do here (and that is why everyone is staying). I am sure there are bad bosses, bad groups, etc in the something this big and diverse it is going to happen. Yes, a dearth of raises the last few years is tough, but I know people who left HP and had to take pay cuts to do so..sometimes substantial. I have worked for several companies and in several industries and trust me, there are much worst places to be. Complaining because they are moved into nice new cubicles and no longer have offices? Try going to a place where you are thrown into a "bullpen" with furniture from the 70's and see how that rates (like other places I have worked; I got news for you...most places only have offices for the most senior of management). more free flavored tea! They have cut back on the amount they subsidize my cell phone! Give me a break...if that is really how you evaluate your job satisfaction then you should re-think your priorities. The IT industry is competitive, and some choices and compromises have to be made. I think they (management) are doing the best they can. Yes, sometimes we have to work odd-hours..we are an international company with hungry competitors and demanding customers, and so this is going to happen. But there is also a lot of flexibility and most managers are enlightened enough so that as long as you are getting your job done, they are not going to give you any grief about the hours you keep and give you some comp time for these odd hours. Unlike a lot of places I have been, managers don't ask employees to do something they won't do themselves. It is not unusual for folks to leave looking for greener pastures and then desperately trying to get back in 6-12 months later after their reality check. Don't believe the tripe posted is an overall good company to work for and I consider myself lucky to be there.
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