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From Folsom, CA — 01/27/2007

I saw all the negative comments about HP and was appaled. I am 39 years old and have been in the work force since I was 15 years old. I have had a job every day of my life(never been unemployed.) I can say without a doubt that HP is by far the best company I have worked for. I worked in Folsom, CA for 5 years(4 years temp and 1 year HP employee.) I now work at Amerisource Bergen and I must say that Amerisource Bergen makes Enron look like a company that Mother Teresa founded. Anyway, it saddens me to read all the negative about HP. You folks that are complaining about HP, go work for Amerisource Bergen, Walmart or any other big company and you will see just how awesome the HP way is(you may even buy your new boss a copy of the book "The HP Way".) I would go back and work for HP in a heart beat even though they are going through tough times. I have never been more respected and treated so awesome at any work place in my career. Pay was good, bennies were awesome, management was honest with us(I was told 6 months in advance I would be layed off-Amerisource Bergen tells you 1 minute in advance.) I was also given 6 1/2 months of severance pay even though I was only a full time HP employee for 13 months(Amerisource Bergen gives you 0 months severance.) Over-time was volutary and they could do this because they treated their people so well they would always get volunteers(Amerisource Bergen treats their people so poorly they have to force over-time on you or they would not get enough volunteers.) To sumarize-HP rocks and Amerisource Bergen Sucks.
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