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From Lincolnshire, IL — 05/09/2009

I like my job, I have been very LUCKY too have one of the best managers Hewitt has. I'm very far from the Kiss Ass people. I have been rewarded well for my work. Yes, they have removed some benefits but I still have a job for now which pays my mortage. I definetly agree that Hewitt has changed over the years, quailty being the number one thing that Hewitt use to pride itself on. Hiring poor quailty (less pay)workers results in poor quailty customer service. Hewitt will be bring back jobs to Lincolnshire because the quailty in customer service will hurt them more than they know. So go ahead and tell me I'm a kiss ass I know who and what I'am, and Kiss Ass is the last thing I would ever be. I just have been lucky to work for managers who actually care for their people. I have hear from my peers about how much their managers suck and try to get them fired.
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