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Job Security3
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Virtual — 12/05/2007

This is not a posting re: a CSA position. This is the world of a consultant at Hewitt.

I've been at Hewitt for 8 years. I've seen good and bad - there is no doubt the company has changed. It is not the company that I hired into, but really, that was a fairy tale. It is now just like every other corporate America environment. And that's OK. Bottom line is that if you are a good performer and you know how to manage your career, you will be fine. (Your career will NOT be managed for you.) You can't be afraid of work - you have to want to succeed. You can't be afraid of people - Hewitt rewards confidence.

Pay: You have to fight for it, but it can be done. Hewitt is somewhat below market for consultants, but it is not completely off. I have been well into 6 figures for 3 years.

Respect: I have no issues here, I am valued and respected.

Benefits: They are getting increasingly tighter, but this is relative to how great they used to be.

Job Security: This is a tough one. For me, it's fine. In general, many are concerned about their job. With the "Get Lean" principle eliminating so many positions, I can't say that it is unreasonable to be concerned with job security at Hewitt.

Work/Life Balance: Could not be better. They provide the technology, support and understanding to do your job however you need to to be successful. That doesn't mean it can be demanding to be successful - but that would be true for anywhere.

Career Potential/Growth: With all of the former owners being rif'd, there is great career potential for those who remain.

Location: You can work anywhere as a high performing consultant.

Co-worker Competence: Now that the majority of the dead-weight has been rif'd or demoted, this has increasingly gotten better.

Work Environment: Again, not having to be in a Hewitt office makes a world of difference.
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