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From Lincolnshire — 04/13/2007

I really cannot complain about work at Hewitt. I get that some people HATE their jobs, think the pay/benefits/co-workers are bad, but I do not. I accepted a position at Hewitt because of the opportunities that exist there. My pay isn't bad for the position. The benefits? MUCH, much better than at my old job! I have job security. I work really hard and have never had negative feedback. How many others can say that? Most of the RIFs from the end of March happened not just because they had to RIF. MANY of them were associates who had bad performance reviews or were talked to about their performance on several instances. Being fired/RIFed at Hewitt is never a surprise, as there is a step-by-step process to doing so. The location isn't bad, although the traffic stinks, which is something Hewitt can do nothing about. Co-workers? Great, when they are focusing on work and being mature (something many associates need to focus on!). My manager respects me, as do my co-workers. Remember: Hewitt is a job. Not a gossip session or place to get warm-fuzzies all day. Constructive feedback can hurt. This all may sound naive, but I have to say it. People may hate Hewitt for all it is or all it has so-called "become," but at the end of the day, if you don't like working here and aren't doing your ALL to fix it, then don't let the door hit you on the way out. Too many immature and destructive people are ruining the work place to those who want to be at Hewitt and believe in the place enough to work their hardest to make it better.
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