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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
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From Nashville, TN — 12/05/2008

HCA corporate headquarters pay is mostly fair for the positions. However, I do think they use market surveys for pricing some positions that ends up either overpricing or underpricing a job for lack of comparable jobs in other industries. The company is very respectful to the workers and helpful with work life balancing. Benefits overall are fair, health insurance tends to be more expensive than other companies I have worked for which is surprising since this is a healthcare company. HCA tends to ramp up hiring to complete projects with full time employees when they should use contract labor and not have to make so many adjustments to full time labor force during periods of economic downturns. Layoffs are always hard and tend to make all employees less productive and scared of their own future. Career potential and job growth is abundant at this +$25 billion company. Employees have lots of opportunity for education and enhancing their industry skills by attending conferences, etc...They also have an excellent program for advancing college degrees. The corporate headquarters location could use some help from some interior designers. The worst art is to be found in any given location at the headquarters, the carpet is old and boring, electrical outlets hidden behind desk so you can't access them easily, the buildings simply need to be remodeled and brought into current times with some vibrant colors. Co-worker competence- lots of good smart people working for the company; however, as with any company you have to wonder how some even have jobs. Overall HCA is good place to work if you are willing to work in less than glamorous surroundings.
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