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From Richmond, VA — 04/23/2008

WOW! Who would have thought a "JOB VENT" website would have had nothing but negative reviews?! Strange actually, but my experience working for HCA wouldn't be a complaint, but I've been made painfully aware of how one or two "poisonous" attitudes in a department can sure attempt to destroy anything positive that's going on there. I hate that fact that anyone would actually think that someone other than themselves is responsible for a poor work environment. I'm pretty sure that pissy people are going to be pissy no matter where they work, how much they make, or how much they complain. Some people are just not happy unless they're miserable and we all know the saying that "misery loves company". One incredibly negative person once left our department and co-workers actually cheered that we were "cancer free"! Sadly almost a year after they've left the company that person is still angry and bitter. Kind of feel sorry for people like that, don't you?

I feel the job security is very high here. If you could only imagine how often insurance companies pay claims incorrectly, you would understand how a healthcare business office is a great place to work!!

Co-Workers are competent although it's obvious that not all co-workers work at their highest potential. But hey, at the end of the day they have to live with themselves knowing they're not working their hardest. Hopefully their children will learn a good work ethic from another relative or the future of our society is in some serious trouble.

Location is great. Near major roads/highways, plenty of parking which is also free (unlike in the city).

Work/life balance I believe is fine. As long as I communicate with my manager about what's going on outside of work, I've never had any trouble getting time off when I've needed it.
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