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Job Security3
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From Nashville, TN — 03/08/2008

Pay: Average for the position. But I was mislead as to what the position would require, so the salary should have been higher.
Respect: In the office I worked, the staff was very friendly. I seemed to get an acceptable amount of respect for my job, but not if I had an idea that was not in line with management.
Benefits: Good benefits. I don't like that you are automatically enrolled in the 401K program. You have 30 days to choose not to enroll, but the online enrollment does not work and you end up calling several people to get it fixed. And if they do not change it, then you pay a penalty to unenroll.
Job Security: None.
Work/Life balance: Nashville is VERY expensive, and since the position was not what I was lead to believe it was...I did not move there and had to leave my job.
Career potential: none.
Location: be careful walking to your car.
Co-worker competence: too many roosters in the hen house.
Work environment: friendly.
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