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From VA — 03/10/2009

I worked as a cashier for Harris Teeter.

MANAGEMENT: Each of my managers were very friendly and did everything to see to it that customers were happy and that I was trained. However, they were often very stressed and overworked. They give feedback constantly. Reviews are frequent.
DUTIES: What you would expect. Secret shoppers frequently visit the store and your results are posted for all of the other employees to view. It's pretty straight-forward. When things get slow, you help with stocking items around the registers and cleaning.
COWORKERS: Everyone is so friendly. It's very team oriented.
CONS: I was not happy with getting warnings because of my register not balancing. I worked from 3pm until 11pm most evenings. Although they tried to keep only a few people on each register, other people take over for you while you're on your breaks. I am confident that I was not making mistakes, as I've been working on a register for 7+ years with OVER/SHORT reports showing that I didn't make mistakes. An assistant manager approved a suspicious check after the customer's first check (under a different account #) was declined. She processed the check under my ID number and I later got into trouble for accepting the check. It was documented in my employee file and she didn't stand up and acknowledge that she approved it despite me going to her and explaining that I felt it was suspicious. I was often asked to work past my requested hours. I did it because I liked my managers and wanted to help out my coworkers. The constant repetitiveness of leaning over the cart and bagging groceries killed my back. I can remember my back feeling tingly in addition to pain. We didn't have enough baggers so most cashiers do the bagging.
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