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Job Security3
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Milwaukee, WI — 04/21/2010

First of all let's differentiate the dealerships are individually owned and operated. Each location makes up their own procedures, culture, and practices. So if you are looking for a job at a dealership, be aware that employee experiences will vary greatly depending on the location. FYI

I worked at Corp in Milw. Was laid off in 09 and with the economy things are a little shaky there right now - thus my 0 for job security. That being said, this was the best group of people I ever worked with. They truly care about all level of customers, their co-workers, and the quality of products and services. Of course there are always a couple bad apples, but the good folks far outweighed the bad.
Benefits used to be better, but when I left, they were still better than average. Salary however was about average, if not a percentage point or two lower. The culture is still strong and there is as much of a rebel attitude as the lawyers will allow in daily work. My colleagues and I were not micro managed for the most part and always treated like adults.
Work/Life balance depends heavily on the position you have, but my managers always tried to "keep it human". I felt respected and listened to, even if things took some time to change. As far as career potential/growth is concerned, it is not uncommon to see people who have worked in multiple depts, titles making lateral and up the ladder moves over time. Basically, you tell your boss what you want your next job to be and they (most of them anyway) will help you get there.
That was my experience, mileage may vary...
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