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From Camarillo, CA — 07/16/2010

The Inside Track Club is bogus. It will only work if the system is updated to automatically take off the extra discounts, instead of putting the cashiers in an awkward place by having to tell the customer, that just scanned the ITC card for once again, that none of the things they bought are discounted with the card because they need their coupons. No honest person wants to sell them! I don't care if I got $100 every time I sold one, it's not an honest way of doing business!
Speaking of honesty, and this may be the wrong outlet for this, can any former of current employee tell me why the free flashlights would be valued at $7.99, which is far above the wholesale price and the retail price of the two pack red and blue flashlights. It has caused a huge problem with "shrink", and the only way it would make sense for them to do so would be for tax fraud?...
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