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Job Security3
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth1
Work Environment5

From Weehawken, NJ — 09/29/2009

Overall the people i worked with are good people. However there seem to be a problem with upper management. I'm not just the bitter worker, but if get a chance to talk to the alot of the people who do the work, upper management is flighty, it's hard to get a final answer, they don't go through the right channels, and never any appreciation for a worker that has done extra hard work, or extra hours.
For the past 2 years reviews have not been given, probably because they could not give anyone raises for the past 2 years either. It's very unstable there. If you want to work there just for a paycheck..that's fine, but if you expect a good chance of a promotion, it's very unlikely. One good thing though..the building is right by Lincoln Harbor. So you'll see a great view of the City going to work and leaving..or if you have a window view great!
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