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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth1
Work Environment4

From NY — 06/22/2010

From the top:

Pay: It could be worse. Then again, I have been with them so long that I had better be making as much as I do!

Respect: While they don't make you sit down as they're shitting all over you, management displays a general apathy and lack of concern over the lower workers.

Benefits: Well, if I ever need to go to the hospital, I won't have to pay full price! That's a benefit...isn't it?

Job Security: Sometimes I get the impression that they are out to get me, but then I remember that people who are willing to show up to work evening shifts every day are invaluable. Managers DO NOT LIKE WORKING AFTER 5:00PM!

Work/Life Balance: I think that due to seniority, especially among supervisors, I am able to get to pick which two days I need off every week. And I keep them consistent.

Career Potential/Growth: ABSOLUTELY NONE. I have repeatedly shown my value and have a college degree. This means nothing to them whatsoever. In fact, I think there is resentment towards me keeping me down because nearly all of the managers don't have college degrees. I am only sticking around until I finish my studies to acquire an even better college degree.

Location: It's not in front of my house, but it's only about ten minutes away. Not too shabby!

Co-Worker Competence: Either the ARM in my store gets a thrill from hiring the mentally handicapped (through local agencies) or the store gets some sort of awesome compensation/write-off for doing so. I am banking on the latter, but maybe a bit of the former too. It is really hard to be their supervisor sometimes. Outside of that, we are pretty lucky with everyone else. My fellow supervisors and even our cashiers have brains! All of our high-school age kids are honor roll and the college age kids actually have some real goals!

Work Environment: It is what it is. We can only try to make it a fun place day by day. I try to make it as enjoyable as I can for the people that work under me, while still trying to follow "most" of the rules. :)
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