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From Rice Lake, WI — 09/09/2008

Well, as a former employee, I have some mixed feelings. First of all, I really feel that everyone that has been let go has been betrayed. We listened to the line that said no one was going to lose their job. That was a crock. I looking at it from a distance, I should've seen the writing on the wall a lot clearer. It was inevitable. I feel that the worse part of the whole deal was the fact that there was way more Reps people held onto than Handleman. In the area of the country where I am located, it was quite evident that they did not following the criteria they said the did when deciding who would stay and who would go. They did the exact opposite and started to weed out the Handleman people.

I guess that this is the first time I have really expressed that feeling to more than a few close friends, but time has past and time to let it be known. The Handleman people weren't running the show. The Reps people were. All the decisions that were made, and all the "improvements" were from the Reps people. Reps didn't do anything for Handleman, except for lead to the dissolvement of Handleman. Pretty shrew business take over there. I really do have to give Reps a hand for that, and not be sarcastic about it, it was a smooth take over. And now they are reaping the benefits.

One piece of advice for everyone still working for Reps, watch your backs. Your days are number unless they can find something else to get their hands into.
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