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From Beckley, WV — 05/13/2008

Pay - Not the best, but the flexibility of the job made it ok.
Respect - Used to be the best
Benefits -Insurance is through the roof, but itís a small company what do you expect?
Job Security - it was at one time great, but has been failing recently
Work Life Balance - Easy to balance work and life, flexibility keeps many on
Career Potential - Not right now.. maybe someday
Location - You're in your home town
Co-Worker Comp - Theres bad and good
Work Environment - its fine.

First I can honestly say that I have never posted on this site. Many of you may have thought it was me, but it wasn't. I'm not hiding. So with that, I want to start by saying, yes this is THE BISHOP in Beckley (jobvent prevents me from listing my actual name, so I think The Bishop will suffice). See, I'm not "hiding" behind a screen name like the rest of you. If you feel so strongly about what you say, then say it. Stop hiding; use your name, your hometown.

What was supposed to be a website for rating a company that you work for has become nothing more than spineless gutless people who have nothing better to do than sit and think of people to blame. Let it go.

The only reason I'm posting to this website is to address Survey Queen (JH) and Lazy Rep's postings which directly attack me:
(Then I'm done, with you and this website)

#1 - Yes, I did find other employment in WV. Guess what, it was right under your nose! As a matter of fact, one of you (with a degree) admittedly applied for this position, and didn't even get an interview.

#2 - The pay is none of your business, but yes, my family is setting pretty well. The amount is none of your (or anyoneís) business. And at the end of the day (or pay period) I'll know exactly what I am making, and it really doesn't matter what you or anyone else thinks.

#3 - You're right. I don't have a college degree. Pretty impressive that I was interviewed for a position based on my experience and presentation skills for a job that required a degree in the ad posting, and guess what, the offer was made to me.

#4 - No, Beany Man (as you call him) did not help me get this position. As a matter of fact, NO ONE in this company knew about my interviewing for this position until I gave my notice Monday. I haven't spoken to Beany Man in a long time, until today when I called to wish him well and say goodbye.

#5 - Who is this company I'm working for? Thatís none of your business either. It's not that I "can't" tell. My true friends know exactly where I am going.

#6 - Back to this again. Stop hiding. Say who you are. Come on out of your shell. Itís easy to be the person behind the screen, be the name on it.

#7 - Keep this website what its for. Post about the job, the duties, the topics that you rate above. You need to leave ones faith, ones weight, and ones friendships out of this. Attacking individual people for the way they look or believe is very low on your part.

#8 - Lastly, post all you want in reply to this or about me on this website. I could care less, and will NEVER know what you say, because I will NEVER visit this site again to read gutless cowardly postings by you. You have NOT gotten the best of me, good luck in all you do.

Now, for all of my Handleman and REPS friends: (you know who you are)

There are Reps people out there and Handleman people out there who are good and there are the bad ones. Only you at the end of the day know which you are. I've had the great fortune of knowing many great people from both companies. I've developed friendships that will last a lifetime on both sides.

Its time to move on to greener pastures for me. Was it because I was demoted? No. Could I not do the job? Come on, I've been more relaxed these past 2 weeks than I've ever been. I know my alphabet. Was it because of the things going on in the company? No. I simply found a job with better benefits and higher pay. I had to do what was right for my family.

I do wish to stay in touch with many of you, and hope you will do the same. If you're one of those people, then you will receive my personal email address if you don't have it already.

Again, its been fun, hard, and sad sometimes, the true friendships developed out of those days will last a lifetime. My best wishes to all of you (HDL and REPS)in everything you do!!!

Best Wishes -

The Bishop
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