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From US — 04/12/2008

The pay is fine for the job that they have us do. They all repect you. The reason everyone is mad is their jobs are being taken away. If you were smart you would have been looking for a new job a year ago. Everyone knows CDs are going away thats not the companys fault. They tried to stay a float. A for all the former REPS people, how may times did your company owner sale you off to someone else. They must have not had faith in you either. Handleman is like any company today. They had too many employees. So some people had to go. Have you not been paying attention? In the US there were 80,000 jobs lost just in March. Handlman didn't let all of the peolpe go. I worked for Handlman for 6 years and I would have never done some of the things you guys are writing about. I just left on my on terms a month ago. Some of you a just getting treated like you treated your job. Although you people seem to want Handleman to just go under, you just stupid and mad you don't work there any more. I sure you know some one that still works there and do you want to see them lose their job too. Good luck finding a job if your going to treat it like you did this one. I hope you don't come to me for a job some day.
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