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From US — 01/16/2008

I like my job, the area you work in has alot to do with how much you like this job I think. I love my DM couldn't have a better boss and my RM is good too. You can't beat having a company car that's the biggest benifit. The surveys and computer work isn't that bad I've seen worse jobs. If you know how to read emails and plug a cord in the usb port then your set. I have plenty of time to do what I want every night, life is good!! They isn't much growth right now, but thats to be expected with the merger and the trend of CD sales. These days no matter what company you work for you have to worry about your job. I drive an hour and half to stores, but that comes with the territory of the job your a travaling vender. You think you might have to drive a little? You have part timers under you and that can go either way. The company will help you hire or you can do all the hiring in you territory. So you have all the control of who your part timers are. If you hire good people then you have nothing to worry about. If you give your part timers the right info then you have nothing to worry about when they do surveys. The work environment depends on the store. Some times your in one to four stores in one day so after four stores you might be a little on the edge, but it just people skills. You have to know how to work people as well as the product. Don't take everything as life or death and you'll be fine. I have a couple of my family members that work for the company too, and they have mostly the same opinions about Handleman. When it comes to being a vender I wouldn't want to work for any ohter company. I work around enough venders for other companys to now this place isn't that bad and compared to them this is good. All I have to say is at least I don't work for Anderson. Ha Ha
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