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4.9Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From Maumee — 09/17/2009

I can't say enough good things about HMC. The pay is great considering the alternatives. You get as much respect as you give. For those of you that don't know respect is a two way street. Benefits are equal to or similar to other plans I've had. The job security is up to you. You can work hard and do what your told and have a job for life. Work/life balance is what you make of it. The only down fall I have is that Hammill is such a great place to work there is almost no turnover causing little to know advancement because everyone stays or comes back after they quit. There are to great locations one in Maumee and one in west Toledo. These are two recently remodeled facilities that are top notch. John spared no expense during the remodel. For the most part co worker competence is usually pretty good. Every once in a while a bad one may slip through the door. The work environment is pretty good and sometimes great when the whiners are absent or just to busy to fill someones head with mindless negative. thoughts. I would like to thank John, John jr., Keith Johnson and Jeff Mack for making HMC a great place to work.
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