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From rossford — 03/01/2008

lets see to the supervisors who think they have status , you are peons like the rest of us! you are nothin special , you are goin nowhere in this company . look at the supervisors before you , get it !!!! thats one problem to many supervisors . maumee has three stooges running the company that only the suck asses like , hey john do you know where all your scrap metal money is ? i bet you dont . johnson will be the last one out the door not hammill . nice aluminum trailer for the johnson barn ,look around john and jr see where your money goes. ( not to the employees )!and for employees who worked 10 to 15 hrs over we had no choice ! you work what your told to do , of course you could hire a monkey off the street to do our job as were told . corporate policy ( memo)
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