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From Maumee/Toledo — 02/26/2008

I don't know where all the complaining is coming from. Sure things don't always go your way. Is that any reason to bash a company who has kept their promise? The promise made to you was that they would pay you the wage you negotiated at the start of your employment. So please do not complain about your pay. Respect you need to earn, this is something you are not entitled to. As far as benefits, quit crying at least they are offered. Job security is something you earn by completing your part correctly and gaining customer loyalty not screwing one up to make it again. Your life/work balance is what you make it. If you are constantly negative this is the lifestyle you chose. Potential for growth at Hammill is up to the employee. If you work hard and shine above the rest your efforts will not be overlooked. Your co-worker competence problem was brought on by the employee's whining continuously to whom ever would listen giving Hammill MFG a bad name. The work environment is what you make it. Part of the work environment problem is Hammillís fault though. Hammill has been very easy going for some time do to good years. Now that they need to me more competitive they need you to be more cooperative. Ten years ago Hammill could just get the work in Medical, now they need to compete for it. Now that the auto industry is about gone, companies need to work harder to keep their employee's working. If this means trimming the fat that's what they are going to do. I worked at Hammill for a # of years not all were great but most of them were. I can say one thing about every person in management and ownership. What I was told is what happened. All you have to do is ask and you will get your answer.
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