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From Maumee, Ohio — 01/21/2008

I'm glad to see that there is someone that is appreciative of there job. I am also thankful to have a steady paycheck and benefits. I don't think this is the problem that people are complaining about. The problem is that there isn't any consistencey from managment. One day we are getting a free lunch and the next we are being brow beat for our incompetence and threatening to get fired. And becuase the attendance policy is so lenient, there tends to be a lot of inconsistancys of how it is run. The complaints still amount to inconsistent respect, lack of motivation and lack of positive reinforcement. We are human beings not puppets. And it is a fact that you don't dare say anything negative even in a postiive way to managment without being labeled and become the next winey worthless employee. I don't consider myself a worthless employee but I do see where managment has a lot to improve, one of which should be consistant behavior and more positive reinforcement. Unfortunately I don't think the owners realize that they could do a lot better at there company organization with better PEOPLE management. Happy employees would produce quality work a lot more. This is such a practicle solution that I am not sure why the owners haven't figured this out yet. This company may or may not be any better or worse than any other but it will never have a happy work force until some of the morale issues are addressed no matter who is at fault.
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