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From Maumee, Ohio — 01/19/2008

I understand that many of Hammill employees are upset with the current buy-out of one division of our company, but HMC could've shut the doors on that divison as many other companies in our area did and did not offer them employment elsewhere. We are living in hard times & HMC is finally having to tighten their belts & cut down on alot of wasteful hours that employees were just "putting in their time", but actually did not work the required hours that they were supposed to while "on the clock". I have worked at various companies in the past 32 years and I have never in my life worked at a company that employed so many "whiners" & people that were payed a very generous amount of money, with overtime for several years and did not appreciate their employment status or the wages that they were paid. HMC also has the most liberal attendance policy that I have ever seen in my entire life. It is next to imposible to lose your job for poor attendance as it is at the majority of other companies. In addition, how many companies actually still reward their employees for perfect attendance & have a points system included in their benefits that actually allows you to accumulate points that you can use for paid time off or put the extra money in the bank? The employees that are complaining the loudest are also the ones that have gotten such a "free-ride" for countless of years. Now that the company is finally making their employees be more accountable for their work and attendance the disgruntled employees are coming at the management team with a vengence. I'm quite sure that this review will be "sliced & diced" by the whiners that are still working at HMC & really do not even have a clue of what it is to work at other companies, because several have never worked anywhere else!! If life at HMC is so bad, then why does our company still have numberous employees that do have 10+, 15+, 20+, 25+, etc., years of employment? Why haven't all these employees left yet? The door does swing both ways and if they think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, then why do they not just leave & go to greener pastures? I'm not one of the management suck-ups that the others employees have vented about on this web-site but someone who is grateful enough in these tough times to be employed and not work for some of the really crappy places that I have been employed at in the past. The ones that are complaining the loudest, I would like to see what they think of HMC after they work a few years elsewhere & find out what the real world is like outside the doors of HMC. It is not a kind world at the current time when it comes to employment & if you have not worked anywhere else you do not have much of a standard for comparing working conditions and making such rash statements as many are doing from this company. One more thing, I also have never worked for a company that is so flexible with allowing its employees to adjust their work schedule if they are in any kind of family crisis or need to adjust the hours they work in order to fulfil their family needs outside the company. As I stated earlier, I'm quite sure this review will be subject to much criticism, however, the employment record of the many loyal employees that have stayed with HMC for the numerous years that they have, speaks for itself.
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