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4.5Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From Georgia — 09/10/2006

I LOVE Hamilton Relay!!! Its like Calltech Gone RIGHT!!! Its a callcenter but with a close, personal relationship with each employee. The Pay is good for albany and you get paid time and a Half for overtime and DOUBLE time and a half for holidays! Respect is given to EVERYONE. the management will listen to you if you have a problem. Benefits are free cuz the company pays for them! you get vacation time, plus 2 days for just whatever that are also paid and sick time! Job Security is there as long as you come to work on time when you are supposed to. Work/Life balance is have to rotate shifts on the weekend so it can get in the way if you have something planned for the weekend but its doable! Career potential/Growth is there but you have to put urself out there to be recognized which is what needs to be done anyway for promotions. Location is good..its next to a store it has a decent size parking lot. CO-Worker good you have to know how to type...if you got that there's nothing else to complain about. Work too good. you get bonuses, all the overtime you want to work and you can talk to ur friends when you aint on a call..can't beat that. Soo if you can type 50wpm come on to hamilton and stop bs'n!
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