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From anywhere — 11/20/2009

Alright, so Ive read the postings on here a few times, and if I get my guess right none of you that put the effort into posting things on here will probably ever be back to check on your little nest eggs of negativity.
I have been with Halsted for five or so years, and really, depite all the downsides, its not that bad. I have been in the communications industry for quite some time during which I have contracted for numeours companies in various fields, from sat to catv, from phone to security and just about everything else in between.

It's really rather simple... I have yet to find any company in the NE united states that is a prefect employer with a perfect paycheck that always treats me like I would hope for.. I have found many that still owe me money (seven and eight and more) years later, with no chance in hell of getting paid.

To all the points I can remember from everyone who has sounded off on here... Yes, Whitey can be loud and sware, and garuntee so can everyone who typed the f- bomb in their post.. Yes, truck break down, if you think the trucks here are old and broken, try and buy and maintain your own, magnify the headache times nine hundred and tell me how you feel. I saw something on here about everyone lieing to everyone about everything.. Thats funny, how many times has your local state representative, or any real official told you the truth.. Do me a favor and ask yourself when the last time you lied was.. I am guessing it was recently..

I really hate to say it folks... but the industry is the industry.. if you want to do sat work great, if not, go find something else to do.. It takes a rare and special breed of human to be a successful sat tech,.. The hours can and (many times) will be long.. The heat is always on in the summer and the air conditioner is on allo winter and you might even get wet.. If you can get past these prinicles and maybe keep a positive attitude while some complete stranger tells you how much they want this or that thing done (that isnt on your order and you may not get paid for) and you just do it for the sake of humanity and maybe a tip.. I could go on through the list but it isnt worth the time..

Many of you who think Halsted is the problem.... most likely you folks are the problemm.. It isnt halsted the put you out so late.. Its the guy who calls off every other day that you work with and maybe even hang out with on the weekends.. There is something to be said for sat company who pays me on time, treats me like a human being occasionally, and continues to keep me employed in really shitty economy..

In no way am i saying that agree with everything that goes on within the company, because I dont. Then again, there are other people who are in the driver's seat and its their job to do as they see fit.

You know, I think it comes down to the idea that.. ITS A JOB! and I really dont think there is a perfect employer out there.. I really dont.. Or at least I havent found it yet..
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