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From Ballston Spa,Ny — 12/07/2008

Ok so im employed by halsted comm, been doing it for awhile and was reading some of the comments on here.Now im not one to complain about my job...too much...haha but as a tech out in the field i want to clear a few things up.1st the building that you call center people work in isnt a mobile home by any means. It is a warehouse that is how warehouses look.They did alot to get it to look presentable, you have a nice office with stainless rugs you have heat you have light...thats all you need to answer your phones and help out the techs that are out there on holidays, blizzards,ice storms,down pours,-20 degree weather,110 degree weather.As a tech you deal with 400 mile routes, all the elements,crap equipment,rude mean and obnoxius customers,16 hr days,dangerous jobs that you couldnt even comprehend,shortages of equipment. Thats not even half of want to complain about the building well i got news for you i walk into houses that are so gross that you actually have to go outside to throw up moments after walking in. Places that you dont now how it isnt condemed.Or how about calling in a have to hit a few keys and it takes a minute, techs have to spent 45min arguing with the customer that they have trees in the ways before they even call you.Or how bout many islands have you been stuck on because the customer refuses to bring you make to your van until you do the job that you cant do because the island is all trees with no view of the south west. Try that on.or how bout this techs are awake and on the road before you even thought to get up and most of the time are out still working or on the way home from there last job after you have already went to bed.Enough with that back to topic. Respect is different at this company you earn and loose it on the ability to think under extreme pressure while still getting the job done neatly and correctly quickly. Pay is also different than most because it is hard to judge because it varies per job its all about line items not compexity of the job. Example a high def 5 box install sounds difficult because of the amount of line items on the order but could be extremely easy because the dish could go anywhere that is quick and easy to put up and is close to a ground, and the house could be prewired so all you have to do is run the lines from the dish hook up the prewire and bring in boxes boom 5 box install 6hr time job done in 45min to an hour easy 107 dollars. or it could be a 1 box standard install where the nearest los is 300ft away from the house,cm wants cable buried,and the cable to run threw a crawl space that has a opening on one side of the house and the rooms on the other side. Now you spent 5hrs on a 1 hr job to make 47bucks and the day is shot your calling in eta's and dealing with pissed off customers. So thinkin about that a techs check could be anywhere from 300 to 1300 a week depending on how the week goes. Work/life balance, it can be tough you just work around it. Career advances yes but not worth it better to remain a tech more money and less responsibility. Would explain but i would use up the rest of my room. Location isnt so much a factor being that you could be in any town in ny vt mass penn depending on work load. Co-workers are great you meet up in the morning talk about some of the stuff that happened the day before shoot the breeze start your day call the tech sups bug em joke with em its great. work environment is crazy. any element. read top if you need a refresher. or short version... we work in weather the mail man wont even work in. we work on jobs that if osha ever saw what we have to do they would cry litterally cry. But overall i love my job and wouldnt change it for anything. It takes a special breed to do this job and thats why we have a turnover rate of about 115 percent. By the way they lie to you in the interview and all through training.Im not sure if they changed that aspect yet like i said i was hired a long time ago.
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