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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth5
Work Environment4

From new york — 08/21/2008

i have worked for halsted for 2 years. i am very happy with halsted they do offer plenty of advancement if you work for it!!
yes we do travel out of town but we are told this when we are interviewed. what i dont understand is one guy said he worked for them for 2 plus year and was not happy, my question to that is why did he stay for two years? they do pay pice rate so you make what you work for. if you show respectyou get respect with managment and coworkers. the benifits are good and you pay as much as any place elts would work. there is job security if you do your work as you get it. as for work life balance if you work and not get cought up on the little thing you can get home to family at a good time. you can move up the "ladder" if you work hard i got up to tech sup in my 2 years. if you are booked to work a long way from the shop that is because you able to due the job with out any worrys.if you are one to go help others when get done early then when you need help others will help you.halsted is a very good company to work for i would recomend it to my family and friends for a job if they needed one.
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