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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth1
Work Environment5

From Capital District, NY — 06/23/2008

Well, I've worked here for about 5 years now, started in high school and am still here a month after college (but only because I'm trying to land my dream job). Pay is...not the best. I think its a great job though for high schoolers or if you want a job in college thats really flexible. Or if you're retired I guess!

Respect? Depends. My boss is great, he's like a second father to me. Never unreasonable and Ive only been "yelled at" for wearing jeans or if he caught us sitting on the counters, haha. He should pay us more though, he makes enough money. Customers can be bitchy and expect you bend over backwards but I feel like its no different at any other retail job. There are a lot of nice people though, especially all the old ladies getting their cards, hehe.

Security- You must be retarded to be fired. Some people are consistently 20 minutes late to work and they dont get reprimanded. Only 2 people Ive seen fired were idiots who stole money.

Work/Life Balance- Its retail...You get as many hours as you want. Can get crazy though during Christmas if your mall is open til 11pm and you have exams to study for...Only for a few weeks though.

Growth? Ha. you operate a cash register.

location - theres probably like 5 hallmarks within 10 miles of my house

Coworkers - can be really idiotic high schoolers. but a lot of fun people that are great to go out with. ive made 2 really great friends that id trust my life with

work environment - pretty relaxed. except during christmas. i think its pretty fun.

ive read through a lot of negative reviews and i feel that maybe they worked at corporate stores? i work at a privately owned hmark so maybe thats the difference.

overall, i've loved my job here! my boss is great, i love working with most of my coworkers. definitely recommended to h.s. and college kids.
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