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From Chesapeake, VA — 01/23/2009

I think that being a dealer at Hall Nissan is one of the best jobs I've ever had. It is a place that you look forward to going every day you wake up, and the long hours really don't matter once you begin making sales work for you.

They have a great training program that is basically never ending and it certainly helps in other sales ventures. They can construct a powerful salesman with nothing but training and floor time.

Pay is good, depending on how much you sell, of course. If you happen to have a bad month, they will pay you minimum wage so you don't go hungry. Show me another dealership that will do that.

The crew is awesome and they will always help you in whatever way they can.

This job has a "The sky is the limit" attitude and they keep you motivated to do your job and enjoy the benefits.

So if you don't mind a 24/7, but very lucrative job then maybe you should think about coming and work for them.
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