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From Dallas, Texas — 08/05/2010

It is a company that seems to literally thrive on promotions within cliques. If you are not part of the store clique, you will not go anywhere. The company judges its employees and managers mainly off of the opinions of fellow workers. If you do not belong to the clique, then you will be given poor ratings from the clique, and you will not succeed. If a manager is to succeed, then that manager is to either part of the clique, or lead it themselves. If not, the clique will gang up at review time and make false accusations until that manager is gone. same with the "outsider" employee. hiring is basically done through friendship or relationships. the only reason "outsiders" are ever hired is because the clique doesn't have anyone available to hire at the time. when they become available, the corresponding number of "outsider" employees are squeezed-out one way or another.

I know. I've seen it happen at the store I recently worked in for years. there was a friend of the clique that wanted to work there, so, I was given a group clique testimony of potentiality for sexual harassment based on their stereotyped fears. and even though i was told I had done nothing wrong, in action or with words, i was told that the unnamed employee's fears of sexual harassment were of the utmost concern to the company. i was ordered to leave the store, by way of the district management, in to protect these unsubstantiated fears.

i had over two months of vacation pay and a month and a half of sick days that i lost because of this clique.
I had never been written-up, had a clean record, a company commendation and was vocally considered a model employee by the district. yet, all it took was one false accusation, and i was thrown under the bus.

Thanks a lot, Boots, Ken Wright, Tim Jernigan, et al! I LOST EVERYTHING... and you willfully did NOTHING to stop it!
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