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From San Antonio, TX — 11/10/2009

I love this company. I have worked in two locations in two different cities, and though one is vastly better (my current location) than the other in terms of my experiences, the other one made me apply here to begin with because I truly did adore the company.

As many have said, the pay isn't going to make you a millionaire. However, that being said, the benefits MORE than outweigh any loss of better pay in the retail world. Between the discount, free insurance for full-time employees, holidays and vacations, paid hour-long lunches, and profit sharing (which has been particularly lucrative lately) - what is not to love? I would equate it to a $12/hour job through all the benefits.

I love the people I work with. We're like a family in so many ways. I am not an outgoing person or a partier - I am quiet and shy, but I am myself, and people respect me for it. They like me because I like and care about them (what a novel idea!). I work hard and do my job well, I treat customers well, and I am generally praised and respected for it. As far as the company goes, there is a bit of nepotism, but I have yet to see the negative effects of it. All the employees work hard and help each other - nobody gets a free ride unless they plan on suffering the consequences. If someone obviously is not a good worker, they are fired. If you are, then promotions are not out of the question, yearly pay raises are guaranteed, and additional benefits come your way too. I love the management for the most part... nobody is perfect, but they do a great job.

With great people, great management, great customers, and deeply-discounted books galore, the environment is dang near divine. The smell is old books and coffee.... mmmm.

Half Price Books is doing better than ever in terms of company growth, and I'd recommend this job to anyone that loves books, movies, or music. Or just friendly people... good management... good benefits. There is something for everybody to love at this company. Of course, experiences will vary from store to store (one store in this city I would *never* want to work for), but the bad ones are the exceptions. The norm is awesomeness. Best job I have ever had and probably ever will have.
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