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From Dallas TX — 08/17/2010

The HPB company ideal is a genius seedling, but sadly gets trampled by ineffective upper management. Frequent dangerous working conditions at the buying counter (injury from lifting, broken glass/nails in boxes etc) and the building itself (black mold in ceiling does not get repaired, leads to numerous recurrent illnesses).

The job itself is fun, 50% of my co-workers are degreed professional adults; the other 50% are rude, socially inadequate or mildly retarded, and in some cases just plain glaringly lazy and incompetent. We just wish that the corporate heads knew what we dealt with on a daily basis, but fear of reprisals (oh, it happens) keeps us quiet.

The only way to advance is to move to another location. I'd recommend it for highly self-motivated literate individuals who have no problems doing their own work and at least half the work of three or four fellow employees who would rather bitch about the customers and eat snacks in the break room than do an honest day's labor.

Personally, I love my job, but I don't always love the people I work with. A great career for a creative mind who knows how to hold their tongue until behind a closed door. Muttered sarcasm ability is a bonus.
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