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From PA — 10/18/2010

Apparently a lot of these people picked a shop that was not so great but I really dont have anything bad to say about mine. The girls I work with arent just co-workers, they're friends and they care about eachother and we're always invited to parties, weddings, anything. We do things together outside of work. Our Salon Leader is the best, I wouldnt know what to do if she ever left. Pay isnt the best especially if the shop is slow but its money. Respect for eachother is really not a problem. Heathcare isnt the greatest since we are already at high risk for Carpel Tunnel. Eye and the Dentist is really good. I have not had a problem balancing life/work and neither has anyone else. Every vacation I've had, I've taken it without an issue. Finding coverage stinks but someone will eventually cover as everyone needs money these days and if they have your back, you have theirs. I've known someone who was not at HC long and she became an Assistant Leader in no time, actually I know 2 people that thats happened to. We have 3 Master Stylist at our shop. It can be tough becoming a Master Stylist but if you are happy and do a great job and give out your card it shouldnt be long until people are requesting you. If I ever need help with anything like a cut or a color, someone will help me.
I really dont know what else I can say. We're a good group that gets along and we get a lot of loyal clients that come back for someone. I love my SL and ASL and our District Leader is cool too. I guess you just gotta find the right shop. We are even friends with girls from other shops so the friendship is beyond our own salon. Some clients can be real mean or picky but thats what you get when you work with the public.
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