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From Traverse City MI — 04/07/2008

I came across a bad review for Hagerty Insurance on this site and I just had to give my .02 cents. Hagerty is the best employer you could ever hope to work for! I have worked there a year and a half and plan on still being there 20 years from now. The reviewer who said you have to know someone to get a promotion is way off base. I'm not originally from MI (not even close) and I've gotten two raises and a promotion since staring there. They offer 401k and pension and MANY other benefits. And the office is the coolest! I've NEVER been talked down to by anyone who works there and I think of Hagerty as my second home. It's so much fun to talk about cars all day and look at photos of all the cool cars we insure. There's always a Hagerty event coming up to look forward to whether it be the Hagerty Car show during Cherry Festival or a picnic etc. I just wanted to come on here and say that other person who reviewed Hagerty was way wrong about what it's REALLY like working there because it's a joy. I didn't want someone who was thinking of applying there to get the wrong idea!
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