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From Honolulu, HI — 08/05/2008

This was one of the best places to work. The employees and management are great. Because the turnover is SOOOO LOW, there is hardly any movement within the company. However, this truly is a very "family" type company to work for. Even after leaving the company, I still keep in touch with all of my ex co-workers and they still include me in company functions. If you can get into this company, TAKE the offer. I deeply regret leaving for a higher paying job. And I'm suffering the consequences. I have now learned that my dignity and getting respect is priceless. I sold out. The benefits are awesome. If you decline medical coverage, THEY REIMUBURSE YOU for the money you are saving the company in declining the medical.

The location is not that far into town but there is still traffic going to work and going home. The people there are wonderful. You have your little cliques and the typical office gossip stuff you have to deal with, but that's just how it is in any company. For office workers, you don't have to clock in or out, it's all honor system. If you're working in the plant, you do have to clock in and out. The management team is the most understanding team I've ever had to work with.

If I had the opportunity to go back there to work, I would take it in a heartbeat.

If you google the company, you'll only see POSITIVE things about them. On how they try to retain jobs even during this difficult economic time. They really do care about their employees. A++++ in my book.
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