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From Houston, TC — 07/11/2010

After reading some of the negative reviews on H&R Block, I thought it would be appropriate to explain my honest opinion. Some of the negative reviews are based entirely on one event or occurrence that happened while they were working there. Everybody has those days at work when nothing goes right, or the boss says something that rubs you the wrong way.

I found H&R Block to be a decent job. It is a seasonal job, so you are only working for about 4 months. Once you get the hang of it and you get good at it, tax season is over. The pay is OK. You are not going to retire off what they pay you, but it is a great part-time gig if you are looking for a little extra cash.

Everything about this job is simply OK. It is nothing to get too excited about, but nothing to really complain about either. Not much growth opportunity at this company as most of the people are seasonal employees. But again, not a bad place to work if you want to work part time for a few months out of the year.
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