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4.2Rating Details
Job Security4
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth4
Work Environment4

From US - East Coast — 01/22/2010

Pay - Is okay, but you work very hard for your money. The compensation package as a total including benefits, bonus (if eligible) & time off is pretty good overall.

Respect Ė Itís a straight forward environment. If you need improvement be prepared to get that feedback. I personally respect the directness.

Benefits Ė The medical is pretty good but the coast could be lower. The Vacation, Wellness and Holiday pay is great!! The longer youíre with the company the more vacation time you can earn, up to 5 weeks as a manager.

Job Security Ė Its retail, when the economy is good itís good to retail. The company has changed staff levels based on business need. But they will come back up once people start shopping again.

Work/Life Balance Ė Iíve never had a vacation denied and my time off has always been mine. Of course you may get a call on your day off from time to time. Itís your choice to go in and pick up the extra hours no one can make you do that. Its also about teamwork, Iíve taken someoneís shift because they needed to switch, but I would hope they would do that for me as well.

Career Potential/Growth Ė It depends what your goals are. If you start at the store level you can grow in to management, visual & district level positions. There is a lot on lateral growth as well. H&M provides its employees with a lot of great workshops and the opportunity to become a trainer.

Location Ė I have personally worked in many store and office locations throughout H&M US. The stores and offices are typically in high volume/high exposure locations. The store locations are typically high traffic which requires the teams to work at a fast pace.

Co-worker Competence Ė I have learned a lot from my coworkers but I have also worked with plenty that needed some coaching. I feel that itís my responsibility to learn, grow and lead. Itís important to keep the companyís goals in mind when judging the quality of your coworkers.

Work Environment Ė Over all its good. There is a high emphasis on work quality and making the most of your time (being productive). It is not an environment that coddles or micromanages staff. You are expected to get the job done with in the guidelines provided and provide reasons for the decisions you make.
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